Complex Civil Litigation


Litigation can be costly, affecting your pocketbook, reputation, and, in some cases, your future. When it comes to a litigation case, you need an experienced trial lawyer from a reputable law firm to represent your interests.

As one of the most experienced firms north of Boise, Clark & Feeney, LLP, our litigation lawyers have represented individuals and businesses in a wide array of disputes and have extensive experience in litigation involving personal injury, breach of contract, real estate and many other areas of law.

Our litigation practice, including our appellate work, is tailored to the needs of each client. We will work with you to determine the best approach to a dispute and remain accessible throughout trial or appeal. You can be assured that your goals will guide our representation and that we will be available to address your concerns, vigorously and relentlessly protecting and defending your rights.

We understand that when evaluating litigation as an option, a client is best served by undertaking an in-depth consideration of the facts and an objective review of potential outcomes prior to engaging in any litigation proceeding. We handle civil and criminal trials and appeals involving a wide range of topics, including:

Personal injury claims
Breach of contract
Real estate disputes
Construction law
Criminal Defense
Family Law
Environmental Law

Let our experience be your guide.

At Clark & Feeney, we have a long history of zealously supporting both businesses and individuals placing their interest first. Turn to us for quality legal advice, results you can expect, and always at a fair cost.