Environmental Law

At Clark & Feeney, LLP, we help clients navigate the maze of complex laws governing environmental issues on local, state and federal levels. We focus on balancing the needs of businesses and industry with the regulations surrounding the protection of our natural resources.

We represent clients in matters involving individual contamination claims through large Superfund issues. Our clients include buyers and sellers of real estate, landlords and tenants, lenders and borrowers, and real estate development firms.

Our environmental practice includes:

  • Air, Soil, Water and Groundwater Quality
  • Contamination Issues
  • Cleanup litigation
  • Personal injury and Property Damage Claims
  • Environmental Insurance Claims
  • Environmental Audits
  • Environmental Compliance Counseling
  • Permitting and Development Administrative Hearings
  • Statute and Regulation Review
  • Legislative and Administrative Rulemaking
  • Allocation of Environmental Risk

We respond to the needs of clients brought about by the expansion of environmental, hazardous waste, and land-use legislation. We work with individual and industrial clients in environmental regulation compliance actions, government enforcement actions, and private lawsuits. We work closely with environmental engineers, hydrogeologists and toxicologists to develop testing and remediation plans for contaminated property and to prepare expert testimony.

Our attorneys also counsel businesses on the effect environmental legislation may have on real estate development and sale, business expansions and transfers, and other commercial and industrial transactions. We help clients avoid lawsuits and resolve conflicts before litigation arises.

If litigation is inevitable or already underway, we negotiate and litigate with insurance carriers on coverage issues and we pursue or defend environmental and natural resources claims of all types. Our attorneys handle even the most complex environmental claims with a focus on getting our clients the best possible result under the circumstances.